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Damian Harris, VP of HR

We grappled with high employee turnover and struggled to retain our top talent. Fortunately, Growth Mind came to our aid, shedding light on the root cause: poor management. Their expertise in nurturing our team's development fostered a culture of open communication, transparency, and eliminated the need for micromanagement. The result? A significant reduction in turnover and a remarkable ability to attract and retain top talent. Thanks to Growth Mind, we soared to new heights of success, even earning recognition as a top employer in Denver the following year.

Sue Ellen Budi, CEO

I own several pilates studios and was burnt out juggling all the day-to-day operational tasks. Even though I hired studio managers, I didn't feel like I could ever fully delegate tasks to them and not worry. Growth Mind was able to grow my managers and myself included, into confident leaders. Our communication, trust and internal operations improved so much that now my other employees absolutely love coming to work. My clientele started booming and our positive Google and Yelp reviews increased! I never thought I'd be able to come in to work once a week and have a self sustaining thriving business. I finally have more time to spend with my family and friends.

Jesús Álvarez, COO

I was tasked with tackling inept managers and nepotism in our family owned business. I sought an alternative to terminating tenured staff. That's when we turned to Growth Mind, who worked wonders for our leadership team. They not only saved us thousands in terminations but also fueled remarkable growth. The skills imparted by Growth Mind remain at the heart of our ethos, driving continuous improvement and establishing us as industry leaders. Now, we can confidently bring friends and family onboard, knowing they will thrive at our company.

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